Walking in Step with my Family

It is a careful balancing act being a mum and a wife and, well, remembering to just be me too sometimes. But having my precious family around me enriches my life in so many ways. I have discovered walking in step with each one looks and feels very different as their unique personalities and needs unfold. Let me introduce them to you….




My Little Baby Girl was born at the end of 2016. She is sweet and warm and soft to touch with VERY fluffy hair. Even though she isn’t very old yet, she has certainly managed to make her presence known. I have already written about how the pregnancy was a surprise and then how hard it was during pregnancy. Now that she is finally born we have new challenges to face such as Colic and trying to get out the door on time with 3 children to organise. I am looking forward to watching her personality unfold in the years ahead.


Walking in step with My Little Baby Girl at the moment means there is a constant bounce in my step as I carry her around in the carrier trying to rock her to sleep. My day is punctuated by when she wants to feed next and there is a constant smell of milk on my shirt.


I feel very blessed to have My Little Baby Girl in my life. 

Life is loud and unpredictable yet full of cosy cuddles with her by my side. 



my china doll


My Little China Doll is three years old now and cute as a button. With a wonderful mix of Chinese, European and Finnish genes, people look at her and are captivated by her big dark eyes and gorgeous hair….. just like a real life doll! (and I ‘might’ be enjoying dressing her up just a little bit too!) She loves to play with her dolls and turns almost anything into little characters that talk to each other. She draws cute little people and LOVES to use sticky tape any chance she gets…. Or pretend to be a puppy! Usually she is wearing sparkly pink beads and mismatched socks while she is doing these things.


Walking in step with My Little China Doll for me means taking time walking back to the car after school drop off so she can balance along the garden edge, having tea parties in the back yard and letting go of trying to tidy away all the toys, which end up back on the floor just as quickly as I put them away. I am enjoying learning how to do her hair and have discovered an obsession for crochet hair clips (if only they would stay in her hair!). I even made a jewellery board to hold them all which is now beautifully on display in her pretty Shabby Chic bedroom.


I feel so blessed to have my Little China Doll in my life.

Life is full of adventure and finding joy in the moment when she is by my side.




my little scientist


My Little Scientist is seven years old. He likes to build technic LEGO, make paper planes and learn about science. He often follows me around the house teaching me about interesting scientific trivia he has discovered. He memorises funny poems to perform and loves to play around on the Piano.  Anything Star Wars is also always a popular choice of course. My Little Scientist is in Year Two now and so we are navigating school drop off and pickups, homework and friendships. He is growing up way too fast.


Walking in step with my Little Scientist means taking time to help answer his questions as he tries to work out the world around him and searching the internet for yet another 3D shape net for him to build (he REALLY loves these!). I am trying to be intentional about our interactions at this young impressionable age, and recognise teachable moments when they come to help him grow to become the young man God has called him to be.


I feel so Blessed to have my Little Scientist in my life.

Life is full of discovering and analysing when he is by my side.




tech man


Tech Man, my wonderful husband. He is introverted and a self confessed geek. He knows numerous programming languages and can’t wait to get his hands on any new gadget with that little Apple logo on it. My Tech Man is always up with all the latest technology (it sometimes seems there is an app to solve almost every problem we have!). Fast cars and good food are also good ways to get his attention quickly.


He has been a wonderful help to me setting up this blog and I often don’t know what I’d do without a 24hr IT guy at my service. Tech Man and I have weathered the storm of some very challenging times in our marriage and I am so pleased to be walking through life with him now hand in hand.



Walking in step with Tech Man means that we have a budget line for purchasing technology items for our home. It means giving him time to fiddle with new technologies and getting excited about the latest app he has found for my iPhone. He is my calming influence when I feel stressed and gives the BEST warm hugs ever. I have learnt to appreciate his introvert (Aspergers) qualities and I don’t get as cranky when he disappears into the lounge to read newsfeeds on his phone when we have visitors anymore. I have learnt to slow the pace down on the weekends and we embrace nap times as a sacred ritual in our home.


I feel so blessed to have Tech Man in my life.

My life calms down and I gain perspective when he is by my side.




who I am


When I first got married I found, without meaning to, that I stopped doing many things I enjoyed just because my husband didn’t enjoy them. Now that I am older (and wiser) I realise it is really important for both of us to spend time doing things that we love and not to lose touch of who it is that God has made each of us to be. We are very different (after-all opposites do attract) and that is okay. It has only been in more recent years I have made a conscious effort to identify and embrace those things that bring me personal joy and fulfilment.


I have discovered that I love making things for the home (like these cool kids room decorations I made using paint sample cards), creating and planning and designing just about anything. Starting this blog at the beginning of 2015 has really helped bring all these things together and I really am enjoying it!


There was a time once when I didn’t do much of this at all but now that I do, I am finding I feel much more fulfilled and content with life generally. I take time to scrapbook and to write. I have also discovered that I need to be around people as this is when I feel energised (which is totally the opposite to Tech man, my introvert, and that is okay). I love to teach and I also love to learn new things, to constantly be growing onward and upward (well, that’s the plan at least anyway) is important to me. I hate being stagnant. I no longer wait around for someone else to want to do the same things as me. I do things for me because it makes me happy and that is who I am.


I am a happier person when I take time to teach, learn and create with others. This is who God has made me to be.


If you would like to read more about me and this Blog, please check out my “About” page.


In step with my little family. Socks hanging on the line. Daddy, mummy, boy, girl.


How do you walk in step with the individual members of your family?


Do you manage to keep in touch with who God has made you to be? 


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