Three colourful room decorations you can make with your kids

Your child will ABSOLUTELY LOVE making these three super easy decorations for their bedroom using paint sample cards. My son did. The best part is that they are so cheap to make, they look great, and they can easily be matched up with colours already in your child’s room to help tie the whole look together.


DIY kids colourful room decorations using paint sample cards. Framed art, bunting, paper balls


I have been working on this new bedroom for my little scientist for months and I am so excited to start sharing here some of what we have done.


I found the easiest way to start putting this room together was to work out what furniture I wound be using in the room first and then decide the general look I was after.


I already had bought a second hand metal trundle bed off gumtree and we had dark brown shelving to use, which matched the rest of our house that we wanted to use as well. After looking on Pinterest for inspiration I settled on a kind of industrial / vintage look with blue and grey tones.


So off I went on the hunt for the perfect bedspread…


I was so excited when I found this bedspread on sale at Adairs Kids for less than half the price! It had the blue and grey colours I was looking for PLUS greens and yellows that are my son’s favourite colours at the moment …. “glow in the dark yellow” he calls it. What a bonus!


First I searched for the perfect bedspread.... THEN I was ready to decorate the room using the same colours


Once I knew the colours (and shapes) that would be on the bedspread, I started thinking about ways to decorate. I discovered paint sample cards are awesome to make decorations that add some colour to a bedroom and tie the whole look together. They are readily available anywhere you can buy paint (eg. hardware stores), they are free for people to use and they have every colour of the rainbow available so there is no problem matching the exact colours!


Colourful framed art using paint sample cards to decorate a kids bedroom


For the framed artworks we used some square paint sample cards with a single colour on each one and of course, we were careful to choose the colours that matched the bedspread best.


We simply cut them into triangles the same size and glued them in rows on white paper (leaving a slight space between each one). I cut a few triangles out of silver wrapping paper as well just to add a bit of interest and also tie in the silver colours found on the bedframe and elsewhere in the bedroom.


Personally, I liked including the words on the sample cards and I went out of my way to make sure I included them. You could easily leave these out though. I thought it added to the ‘industrial” feel I was trying to achieve in the room… If I did this project again I would purposely choose the cards with the biggest writing so that they are most visible. (Many of the colours have really cool names too and you could select colours according to the words if you wanted too).


I placed these triangle artworks in A4 frames.


In the matching square frames, my son simply stuck some glow-in-the-dark stickers onto some navy blue square scrapbooking paper. It couldn’t get much easier than that!


He was so happy to have glow in the dark stickers in his room to enjoy when the lights went out at night and I was happy they weren’t stuck on the ceiling for the rest of eternity!


I think these art works look really great together in a set of four and have rightfully earned their place “centre stage” on the feature wall.


If you didn’t want to do triangles you can make other patterns too with the coloured cards. Checked, striped, chevron, layered circles……even butterflies or hearts using a hole punch!


You can check out a few other ideas here by Chica and Jo (they made greeting cards with paint sample cards, but I think they would look awesome framed on a wall too!) also this wall art using circles to create a scalloped effect looks pretty cool.


Colourful bunting using paint sample cards to decorate a kids bedroom.


Dipped furniture seems so be all-the-craze at the moment and I think using these paint sample cards are a great way to easily add a similar look to your child’s bedroom. You will need the paint sample cards that have three colour shades on it for this project.


We decided to make two different sized triangles to add a bit of extra interest.


To make the small size triangles, we folded some of the paint sample cards in half first and then cut triangles (leaving the fold line in tact) so you could see just TWO of the three colours.


To make the larger triangles, we sticky taped two cards together first, then we cut the triangle shape so you could see THREE colours on one side. For consistency, we tried to make sure all the triangles we taped together were pointing the same way with the darkest colour at the bottom of the triangle.


My son enjoyed finishing the project off by lining the triangles up along the string (alternating them in size) and then stapling them in place. You could also glue them if you wanted. I found stapling them quicker and it added to the industrial feel I was looking for.


For some other colour-dipping decorating inspiration check out these 17 colour-dipped projects on Mum’s grapevine.


Paper ball decorations using paint sample cards for decorating a kids bedroom.


These colourful paper balls in three different sizes make a nice collective display in the bedroom. We made the green and yellow one first using the same type of paint sample cards as the frames with a single colour on it. The other paper balls were made afterwards using left over bits of paper I had lying around at home including some matching patterned scrapbooking paper and the silver wrapping paper I had used for the framed artwork.


I found these paper balls to be an especially effective fine motor activity for my son to get involved in as we worked together to trace the shapes carefully, cut them out, and fold them perfectly, ready for assembly. My little scientist ESPECIALLY enjoyed his first go of using the hot glue gun (under careful supervision) to assemble it! It was so great to see it coming together before our very eyes…. we were able to make one paper ball together easily in an afternoon!


Amy at Maker Mama has written easy to follow instructions on how to hake these paper balls. She used them to make beautiful hanging Christmas decorations!


Here are the sizes of the paper balls I made…


                  Large ball = 20 circles that have 11 cm diameter

                   Medium ball = 20 circles that have7.5 cm diameter

                   Small ball = 20 circles that have 6 cm diameter



Hopefully this post has inspired you to make some paint sample art with your child for their bedroom. They make a great little weekend project.


Use paint sample cards to make these three awesome decorations for a kids bedroom. Use any colours you like!


There are plenty more inspirational ideas of other things you can make with paint samples too if you really want to go crazy!


If you liked what you saw here, you may also be interested in seeing my sons full “bedroom reveal” coming soon, so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out!…. I have several other features of this industrial/ Vintage inspired boys bedroom that I’d LOVE to show you.


What have you made with paint sample cards?
What other cheap ways have you found to add colour to your child’s bedroom?


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2 thoughts on “Three colourful room decorations you can make with your kids

  1. Fabulous ideas Clare. The artwork looks so effective. I used interesting fabrics and embroidery circles to make artwork for Miss L’s bedroom. It was so simple to do.

    • Oooooh I saw that idea on pinterest once but had forgotten about it! I LOVE that idea. hmm…. I wonder if I can find a spot in my ‘Little China Doll’s’ room. I love beautiful fabrics….. what a great way to also recycle some favourite clothing that might have worn out or fabric that has a fond memory attached.

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