The day I almost drowned: my latest fitness adventure

Recently I went shopping and bought myself some new items to expand my fitness repertoire. My sister, at 34 weeks pregnant met me at the local pool and showed me what she does. I spat and sputtered, struggling to keep up with her but I was pleasantly surprised, it really was great fun….. even though I almost drowned!



I almost drowned


I have been on a fitness journey this last year, learning to enjoy exercise and trying to find budget friendly options I can do with My Little China Doll who is now 16 months old. My big sister has always been much more fit conscious than me and often encouraged me to join her at step classes etc when we were younger. Now that I am starting to actually enjoy exercise I have started to take interest in what she does.


Any woman who manages to exercise at all while pregnant gets my highest admiration as I, quite frankly, couldn’t be bothered walking to the end of my street and back during my entire pregnancy. I just did not have the energy. My sister, however, did so right up to the week she had her baby! She truly is amazing.





I asked if I could join her one day when she went swimming. I turned up all eager and ready at our local public pool with my brand new ‘cheap-cheap’ goggles, flippers and my sons kickboard. I even had brand new hot pink ‘cross-trainer’ togs so I was all set ready to go.


I felt like a little kid waiting for their first swimming lesson to start.


I think the pool is great, they have child minding any morning of the week for just $5 extra, no booking required! My Little China Doll can stay for up to 2 hours at the creche which is plenty of time for me to get my workout done AND enjoy a quiet cuppa. I can then give her a swim too if I like….. Win, Win, Win!


My sister says swimming is great because she doesn’t even feel pregnant while in the water. This will be handy to know for future reference (….God willing).


Once we got in the water I learnt about different techniques I can do as I travel up and down the lane to engage different muscles. To be honest though, much of the time was spent with my sister trying to teach me how to breathe properly. We would then swim a lap and of course she’d be waiting for me at the end having finished the lap in half the time.


Swimming is hard work! Someone once told me that running in the water is equivalent to running double the time out of the water…. This sort of time efficiency appeals to me A LOT.


Get in, get it done and get out is my motto


Sure I struggled to complete my laps and keep up with her, but I enjoyed learning what I could do to exercise in the water. Most importantly though is that it was fun. The water was refreshing. Swimming makes me feel happy. I have always loved the water, I just never managed to master any stroke other than breast stroke….maybe this will change in the next few years.


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What is your latest fitness adventure?


What would you like to try?



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