Who does God say you are? Loved, forgiven, significant, valued, cherished, heard, beautiful

Who does God say you are?

“You’re an IDIOT !”

The words hit deep and hard in the heart of my precious seven-year old.


I saw his pain and recognised it for what it was. This was one of those important moments in parenting. The kind you don’t want to stuff up. A pivotal learning opportunity… and I prayed I’d have the right words to say.


The words that bubbled out of my mouth ended up surprising even me! It was certainly a teachable moment … but what I wasn’t expecting was that the lesson was intended for me, and YOU too !

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Stepping it up! Kids Bedroom storage and fun. A stage or playspace with room for storage underneath.

Stepping it up : My kids bedroom play and storage solution

Well, I don’t know about you but I have found that kids clothes take up A LOT of space. My Little Scientist is 5 years old now and I am reluctant to get rid of all those clothes he no longer wears on the off chance I might have another baby boy one day.


So I needed to find a creative storage solution to help with this growing mountain of clothes and this is what I made.


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