Superhero + LEGO Birthday Party !

When my son turned 6, he had two favourite things LEGO and Superheroes. Planning a party to incorporate both these things was an EPIC win. If you would like to plan a similar party, this is the post for you! Here is a one-stop-shop where I will share all the details to make your party a huge success. I will even share some free printables in a follow-up post very soon!


Superhero LEGO Party, Birthday fun and activities, decorations, food etc


We wanted to make the birthday party for My Little Scientists first year of school an especially fun one where he could invite all the boys in his class.


Leading up to his 6th birthday, My Little Scientist loved playing with his Avengers LEGO and we also bought him the LEGO Super Heroes Xbox game the previous Christmas, which was a real winner. When looking for party ideas I could see online that there were many ideas for LEGO parties or Superhero parties, but not many that combined these two together. Super Hero LEGO is pretty popular now and I think a party like this is every 6 year old boys dream! My son certainly thought so!


“Thank you for my party mummy,
it was like a dream come true!
….even better than that!”


And he has remembered this day very well ever since…..


party invitations for Superhero LEGO birthday party. Comic style layout


For the party invitations, we downloaded a free LEGO font and a few online images I found in a search. I tried to make it look a bit like a comic book with the action words, speech bubble and layout.


On the yellow envelopes, we printed the children’s names again using the LEGO font and we added some LEGO Superhero stickers to decorate. We got these stickers by purchasing one of those Lego Marvel ultimate sticker books (available from Big W). We used the spare stickers for the party (envelopes and thankyou gifts) and my son got the actual book as a gift with the stickers he needed to fill the book.


Superhero LEGO Party decorations including a cityscape made with cardboard


For the decorations, we painted a large black cityscape with cardboard that we stood along a blank wall and hung a sign “LEGO Superhero Academy” above it.


We also printed lots of A4 size images of Superhero LEGO mini-figures and some of the action words “POW!” “WHAM!”, “SPLAT!” that we stuck on the walls all around the house.


Duplo was useful to make some large super heroes for display and some other large LEGO toys and blocks we had came in handy too.


Another easy decoration idea was that I made up a slide show of related images that flashed through on the computer and TV screens.


For each of the activity stations we had balloons and a sign which added to the party feel too.


Superhero LEGO party games for the "Superhero training academy"


On arrival, each of the children received a special “LEGO Superhero Training Booklet” with 11 tasks to complete.  These activities were easy to set up and a lot of fun. They are sure to put any budding Superhero through their paces with target practice, citizen rescue simulation and agility tests to name a few! We used bubble guns and silly string and trampolines to make it loads of fun.


At the end of the afternoon, each child received a special “graduation certificate” and gift for completing their training in a special presentation ceremony.


If you are interested in a full description of each activity along with access to free printable activity cards and certificates, be sure to sign up to my BLOG so you don’t miss out. I will be posting a separate post soon with all the details!


Lego cake with Lego shaped gummy lollies and mini superhero figures holding the candles in front


My son is allergic to egg and so is not keen on cake at all. So each year I face the challenge of making a “Birthday Cake” that is not really a cake! Lol. When I saw this video of how to make LEGO gummy bricks I just had to try it. Though it was a tedious job as I only had one LEGO brick mould, at least they could be made well in advance and we could use them in the thank you gift boxes too. Living in Australia, though, I found I had to convert some of these instructions a bit so I will be sure to share the recipe soon for all the Aussies out there who are keen to make these!


So basically, our cake was a brand new LEGO base plate with pre-made LEGO gummy bricks stacked into a rectangular shape that was then filled with mm’s and skittles! (please note: don’t do what I did and assemble it the night before. The m&m’s and skittles went a bit soggy and yuck!)


We made a number 6 with real LEGO pieces to place in the centre and 6 Super Hero mini figs held the birthday candles at the front.


Superhero party LEGO themed food at the "Superhero re-fuelling station"


The “Superhero Re-fuelling station” was one of the activities the children had to complete for their “Superhero training”. Other than the cake, there was a few other Superhero themed foods including:


  • “Spiderman jelly cups”: red jelly with a web drawn on top with a white chocolate decorating pen
  • “Captain America Fruit platter” in the shape and colours of a Captain America shield
  • “Green Hulk cups”: custard coloured green with food colouring, grated chocolate flakes on top for hair and a face drawn on the side of the cup.
  • “Lego Brick biscuits” using blue, green and yellow icing on scotch finger biscuits (with some broken into long thin rectangles or squares) and topped with the matching colour mm’s in lines to be the brick studs. I recommend you don’t try to make red icing as it will likely turn out pink!


We used some spare Duplo bricks we had too to build a square “utensils holder” for the spoons.


Superhero LEGO party Gift boxes with LEGO shaped lollies, mini comic book, stickers and mini figures


Our “party bags” were LEGO brick shaped cardboard boxes. We made these simply by folding some cardboard boxes that fit snuggly one inside the other and sticking some circles on top with raised double sided sticky dots (that you can buy from most craft shops).


Inside I placed the following things:

  • Some LEGO brick gummy lollies plus a couple of gummies in the shape of a LEGO mini-fig. These were wrapped in a piece of baking paper to protect them.
  • A Lego Marvel comic book. These can be printed for free from the official LEGO website (there are also free colouring pages and activities) . There are a couple of different ones to choose from. The comic books simply needed to be printed, cut and “bound” using a stapler and some thick coloured tape folded along the spine.
  • Some stickers from the Lego Marvel ultimate sticker book that I mentioned we bought.
  • A superhero mini-fig. These were bought cheap online. ($15 for 8 plus shipping)

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Superhero LEGO Party, Birthday fun and activities, decorations, food etc


For more ideas, you can also check out my Superhero Lego Party Pinterest page!


If you have any more questions about this party, as always, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I love getting messages and hearing from you!


Happy party planning people!


Have you run a similar themed party?

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    • Thanks Kerrie, I think the heart felt comment was what really made the whole day (and effort leading up to it) worth while. I don’t do a party like this every year but it was nice to do something special and create a memorable day for him and his friends.

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