Purple lace takes the stage !

When a special event comes around, it can be hard to think how to make the house look nice without too much effort or cost. Today I wanted to share with you just a few photos from my sister’s baby shower that I helped organise last year (plus a neat trick I learnt for making pink lemonade and decorating cake pops to match colours!).


The room ended up looking so pretty and feminine with a “country kitchen” look, which would be perfect not only for a baby shower but also a wedding, bridal shower or special birthday event. So if you think you might be planning one of these in the near future, read on….




Decorations for baby shower. Pretty, purple, lace, bunting


The only things we bought for the decorations were the purple lace, some purple ribbon and the materials to make bunting. The rest was all items we had lying around our homes, which made this event decorating venture kind on the budget.


purple lace, garden flowers, miss-matched floral china


We achieved the look with mismatched floral china tea sets and garden flowers in old jam jars, plus LOTS of lace. The purple lace that we used as the table runner really tied the whole look together and added a wonderful pop of colour.


DIY fabric bunting, pastel colours,


DIY Bunting. This was so simple to make and worked a treat! (did you know you can buy fabric bunting by the roll at Spotlight with matching fabric triangles all ready to just cut and sew?!)… Using pinking shears to make the edges zigzag added a nice touch and don’t forget to iron on binding to stiffen the fabric a little first.


The bunting really did suit for a baby shower and will be able to be used for future events too, like a little girl’s birthday party. In the mean time, my daughter will get to enjoy it hanging in her pretty little girl’s bedroom that I am doing up at the moment. Fabric bunting really is so much nicer than the paper or plastic variety if you can manage it, especially as it can then be reused elsewhere.


Replaced photo frames with pictures for the baby shower. Pretty floral prints and words "loved, blessed, cherished, promised"


We changed the photos in this existing photo frame that was hanging up in the entrance to images suiting with the theme… Country flowers with words to describe the special life we were celebrating.


Loved, Blessed, Cherished, Promised.


Cute baby clothes and toy bunny hanging on a line. Floral, purple.


Baby clothes hanging on a line. We especially used ones with purple or flowers to match the theme. They are such a sweet decoration for a baby shower helping us all get excited about the little one who will be wearing these clothes very soon.


….Notice the bunny with a purple bow also out to dry? cute.


Nappy writing game for baby shower in country basket.


We put nappies in an old country style basket with pens and paper ready for guests to write something fun for the mother-to-be to read when changing the baby’s nappy. This was a fun activity to give guests something to do while everyone arrived and it made a nice gift for my sister to take home and enjoy for months to come.


Pastel purple decorated cake pops


The cake pops were a hit and very pretty on the table. We stood ours up in a clear tub filled with sugar and a pretty bow tied around it. They looked a bit like a flower arrangement and again were a great way to carry the colours through.


I actually stumbled across a neat trick to decorate these cake pops to match the colour scheme kind of accidentally.


The night before the baby shower I was ready to decorate the cake pops. This was the first time ever making cake pops and naively I thought that I had everything good to go. I wanted to make them pink and had initially planned to simply add standard food colouring in the melted white chocolate to colour it (like we do with icing). …. This was a beginner’s baker rookie mistake!


Apparently, normal food colouring and melted chocolate don’t like each other…. AT. ALL. And I found this out the hard way… At 11pm the night before the big event of course! NOW I know you need special oil based colouring for chocolate, and it can be easier to just use the coloured candy melts for special events if you don’t do this kind of thing often. I had to find an alternative way to colour it. And quickly!


Lucky for me, I had bought a small tube of purple coloured writing candy the day before. I was able to add some of this to the melted white chocolate that was already prepared for dipping the cake pops into to cover them. It mixed in well and created a lovely pastel shade of purple very easily. Once the cake pops set, I had enough purple writing candy remaining for some decorating on them. This meant there was light and dark shades of the same purple and it really did work a treat!


Pretty decorations with a vintage farm house feel


For more Baby Shower ideas, you might like to check out (and follow) my Baby Shower Pinterest Board.


What simple decoration ideas have you found effective to achieve a similar look?
Have you ever had a last minute baking disaster like I did?


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