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While setting up a Pinterest account for this blog recently I realised just how many great reasons there are to love Pinterest. I am surprised sometimes by the number of people who don’t make use of it. Today I want to share with you some of my personal favourite pins and uses because there really is something for everyone here.


When it comes to creativity, I am not very good at thinking up my own unique ideas. More often than not I bounce off the ideas of others and create my own twist. Pinterest provides a way for me to navigate my way through the internet full of millions of awesome ideas. I can take notes and have a picture reference for things that I like or want to refer back to again later.



What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is based on the idea of creating “Inspiration” or “Mood” boards … a filing system of sorts if you will. Once upon a time we did this the ‘old school way’ by cutting out pictures and articles from magazines or catalogues of things we liked and either gluing them in a scrapbook (eg of our favourite recipe’s…. actually, I STILL use one of these!), placing them in a named folder (eg. My dream home)…. Or…. pinning it to our pin-board  in the study or office! (eg an inspirational quote). These days though, thanks to Pinterest, it is much easier to store and categorise a wealth of ideas without having to touch a pair of scissors!


Pinterest is described on it’s About page as the “world’s catalogue of ideas” where you can “find and save recipe’s, parenting hacks, style inspiration and many other ideas to try”. Wikipedia says, by signing up you can “upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos) through collections known as pin-boards…..Users can personalise their experience with Pinterest by pinning items, creating boards, and interacting with other members. The end result is that the ‘pin feed’ of each user displays unique, personalised results.”


In other words…. once you start pinning things, Pinterest will use that information to find other things you might like, and, by scrolling through it’s suggestions you might not ever be able to stop!


So anyway, now that you know what Pinterest is, let me share with you some ways I have found Pinterest helpful recently.




Reasons I Love Pinterest


1. To ‘borrow’ a creative gift idea

For my nieces 13th birthday recently I wanted to do something extra special for her as it is a milestone birthday but I just couldn’t think of anything…. I needed some “Pin-spiration” ! After a quick search on Pinterest I found this pin, which gave me the idea of wrapping up 13 fun things in 13 layers because she was turning 13. It’s such a simple idea but easy to do and I am so glad ‘someone’ thought of it and shared it. My niece loved it!


2. Create a mood board

If you have been following this Blog, you will be well aware by now that I have been decorating each of my children’s bedrooms. On the My Life In Step Pinterest Page, you will be able to see that I have built a board of ideas for each room (Industrial boys bedroom, shabby Chic girls bedroom and a gender neutral Baby room). These were my starting points to gather ideas for these rooms, and now, I can easily add to these boards as I find more things I like possibly for the future.

3. Gather a wish list.

My family has been asking what our baby might like as a gift as he or she is due to be born VERY soon. This has been a hard question for me to answer as we already have a boy and a girl and have kept many of the basic baby things we need from when they were little. Getting some fresh ideas from Pinterest has been really helpful. I have enjoyed looking at what awesome baby products are available for babies these days and I could create my own board easily to record the things I found that I liked (and where they can be bought).


4. Get a good laugh

I have needed a bit of cheering up this pregnancy and when I stumbled across this pin it made me laugh. Because I can TOTALLY relate at the moment! We all need a good dose of laughter now and then.


5. Learn how to make something

It is no secret that I LOVE to make things for the home and there are ideas in abundance on Pinterest. Like this cool button bowl for example! I’d really like to make one of these one day. Often the pictures tell enough of the story for you to know how to make it. But, if needed, these images usually link to the page where the full tutorial of instructions can be found. Consequently have also created a whole board full of DIY home decor ideas I love. I will NEVER be short of ideas of things to make ever again!

6. Get some design ideas

I want to gradually make some tissue box covers for various rooms in my house. By typing in a simple search I can get lots of ideas to pin to my “Tissue Box Covers” board for inspiration.


7. Make a short list

Thinking of different ideas for my children’s birthday parties has been super fun and easy on Pinterest. I created a board for boys and for girls full of great ideas I can refer to in future years….. I can’t wait to try a few of these out!


8. Find an impacting quote

Pinterest is also full of beautiful images and great quotes that are lovely to frame or use in a birthday card. There are plenty of “free Printables” on the net and Pinterest is a great way to find them.



9. ‘Bookmark’ great web articles that you’d like to refer back to some time

I read this article a few years ago when I was thinking about starting this Blog. I thought it was awesome and very inspirational about new beginnings and so I have kept it on record for reference in the future.


10. Find a great recipe

I am not much of a cook generally but I DO love baking yummy and pretty desserts. Pinterest certainly has no shortage of these! I’d love to try and make this “Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Cake” next.


11. Be inspired to do better 

This post I read a few weeks ago was very timely and helpful… and encouraging…. and challenging to me as to how I treat my husband sometimes. I want to remind myself of the points it makes in the future when I need it so I pinned it to my Pinterest Marriage board.


12. Fashion tips

I am not much of a fashion person or hair stylist generally but I have appreciated finding tips for quick and easy up-styles I can do with my long hair or ways to accessorize on a budget. One of my favourite ideas is this clever way to turn a scarf into a vest. I am definitely going to try this one out this summer.


13. Build a party menu

Whatever special event you are organising, Pinterest can help you think of some great ideas to put on the menu. What to eat for Christmas this year is my next event menu to ponder….


14. Event decorating ideas

Similarly, Pinterest is your go-to place to get great ideas for decorating for an event, whether that be a wedding, kids birthday party or anniversary. I created a board with some of my favourite decoration ideas. Some are extravagantly awesome and others are super cheap and easy yet very effective. It’s a useful place to refer back to.


15. Find people who have similar interests/ tastes to you.

If you sign up, Pinterest will be able to suggest boards and people you might like to “follow” based on your pins. (It’s kind of like a match-making service!) No matter your interest eg. photography, camping, scrapbooking, gardening….. You name it. There is a board (or 20) you will like to follow created by like-minded people. Joce from In our Gumboots has similar interests and tastes to me so I am able to “follow” her on Pinterest and see what she is pinning too.


16. Get more organised

People have been so clever thinking out of the box with ways to organise their home better. This kind of thing really excites me. I am especially in love with command centres like these and maximising available storage space in my home.

17. See all my posts so far in one spot!

For me, I feel like “a proud mum” with this particular board and breathe in a deep, contented sigh, just looking at it J … but for you, it’s a quick way to see EVERYTHING that’s on my blog here at “My Life in Step” in one spot. Check it out and see if there is something that catches your eye to read more about.


So have I convinced you to show some Pinterest love yet? You can sign up to Pinterest now and start creating your own boards of things YOU love if you want to… and of course, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!


Follow me on Pinterest.


For any Bloggers reading this who are looking to set up your own Pinterest Board, I highly recommend this awesome video tutorial by Regina. It is very comprehensive with great tips and easy steps to follow and there is even a free worksheet to download to write your plans on.


Finally, before I go, can I share with you one last Pin that I am super excited about?


This prayer I wrote is for a post I wrote about marriage in 2015. It has now been pinned over 700 times and this single image brings many people to my Blog to read that particular article each week. I am SO incredibly thrilled that I have been able to offer a prayer of encouragement and support to so many people this way. THIS is the reason I actually started this Blog…. thanks be to God and Pinterest for helping make this happen!


What is your favourite topic to search for on Pinterest?
Got a favourite pin you’d like to share? I’d love to see it!


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With Some Grace



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14 thoughts on “Pinterest Love for Me and You !

    • Pinterest is so full of great ideas. I think you can still search for things even without signing up. Signing up just means you mark things you want to refer back to or find again later. Have fun checking it out Tonia! My tip is take a look when you have a block of time to spare and don’t have to rush out too quickly 🙂

    • I know what you mean Nicole! It does just go on and on and on which can be good and bad. I think I might need a timer next to my computer that I set every time I start looking on Pinterest to limit the time I spend! lol

    • I am trying to limit my time on Pinterest so as it doesn’t start to overwhelm me but it certainly was a great “aha” moment someone had to create it. ….. I just hope I can find time to actually DO some of things I find and like!

  1. Always love time spent on Pinterest. One of the biggest time wasters for me as I can get lost. Love this article and have headed over to follow. (PS: Can you please link back to Kylie for IBOT & the rules for IBOT are new, never published posts to be linked up). #teamIBOT

    • Oh so sorry Natalie, thanks so much for reminding me! I clean forgot to add the link (I blame it on baby brain). I have fixed that now … (though I can’t work out how to grab the button yet so I have sent my ‘techman’ an email to see if he can hep with this). I’ll be sure to link up new articles next time, I hadn’t realised this rule for some reason. I am kind of new to this.

  2. Pinterest is great for inspiration! I pretty much did all of my boys’ 6th Star Wars birthday party based on Pinterest ideas. Sometimes though, it’s just hard to know when to stop!

  3. Oh Grace, a Star Wars birthday party sound like great fun, my son would love that. I am sure Pinterest was a great help for that. the challenge is then choosing what actually feels achievable 🙂 and yes… knowing when to stop! lol

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