Party fun! – “Superhero LEGO Training Academy” party games with FREE printables !

“ Calling all Superheroes!
Welcome to the Superhero LEGO Training Academy!
Should you choose to accept your mission today
you will join the birthday boy as you are put through your paces.
There are 11 challenges to complete
where you can put your Superhero skills to the test.
All graduating Superheroes receive a special
Superhero gift and certificate! “


Superhero Lego Party games


If you are wanting to run a Superhero birthday party with LOADS of LEGO fun too, read on! Last week I shared what I did for my sons Superhero LEGO birthday party. Today, I am going deeper and sharing all the fun details about the games we played on the day (I really do thing these games were such great fun they deserved a post of their own). Below you will also find access to a free printable party booklet and certificates you can print and use at your own party!!


There are 11 awesome activities all together so let’s get straight to it ! …


Superhero costume cuffs to decorate


Firstly, as the children arrived to the party we had a table set up where they could ‘super charge’ their Superhero costumes. We simply used some cardboard rolls with a cut along one side, covered with coloured paper or silver foil ready to be “Superhero cuffs”. They could choose their colour and decorate with paper shapes (eg stars or lightning zig zag shapes) and stickers. We also had some face paint available for those who were keen.


Welcome all superheroes!


Once everyone had arrived, I gathered the children and welcomed them to the “Superhero LEGO training academy” and I explained their mission for the day.


Each child received a “Superhero Training Booklet” and pen. The booklet had 11 activities for them to tick off and complete in order for them to receive their special graduation certificate at the end of the day.


Superhero training booklets


The first task was to have a “super cool hero costume”. We decided everyone looked awesome already and they could tick the first task off already!


I explained we’d do the first 4 activities in the front yard, then head to the back yard to do 4 more. Finally, there would be superhero party food to eat and free play time to complete the tasks before we finish for the day.


Next, I showed the children the back of the booklet where there was 20 pictures of superhero mini-figures. This was to help them complete the “Super Spy Vision” assignment for their training. Their job was to find and cross off each one. (Larger versions of the same pictures were stuck all around my house.) I asked the children, while they were sitting there if they could see any already and of course they could so they were pleased to be able to start crossing a few of these off too.


Finding the hidden superhero mini-fig pictures and ticking them off in the booklet


This activity continued throughout the morning as these pictures were hiding all around the inside and outside of the house on the walls. Near the different activities.


Superhero action poses!


Next, we moved to the front yard and the children completed the second task which was practicing their “Superhero power pose”. I had made a silhouette mini cityscape out of cardboard which was a perfect backdrop for some fun group and individual Superhero photos.


City scape decoration made with cardboard


In the front yard, there was then three activities for the children to move onto and do at their own pace and then cross off in their booklet. There was also some more superhero pictures hiding for them to find.


Little superheroes protecting the city from the "Bubble-gun bandit"


I armed one of the dads at the party with a black mask and bubble gun. The children enjoyed standing in front of the city scape to “defend the city” by using their best superhero moves to pop the bubbles before they ‘destroyed’ the city.


Trampoline jump to punch the bad guys


On the trampoline, we hung some yellow balloons with black masks and faces drawn on them. The children had to “Capture the bad guys” by jumping high on the trampoline and punching the balloons.


Superhero build and knock-em down!


Some large cardboard boxes covered in brightly coloured paper provided another fun activity called “City build and destroy practice”. Here, the little superheroes could practice their skills by building up tall towers with the boxes and then knocking them down. Simple, but loads of fun!


Once the children had enough time in the front yard having a go of each activity and crossing them off in their booklets, we progressed to the back yard where four more training tasks awaited them…..


Superhero Rescue simulation with laser beams.


The Citizen rescue simulation was set up down the side of our house. Red streamers represented the lasers and a basket full of large soft toys at the end were the ‘citizens’ that needed rescuing. Each child had a turn navigating the laser tunnel, trying not to touch the streamers while they rescued a teddy or two.


Superhero boot-camp obstacle course. Complete with a Lego city and silly string to dodge!


No superhero training would be complete without a good obstacle course. This superhero boot-camp had a fun twist though because they had to “leap over buildings with a single bound” and make fast pace through the course while the parents were aiming silly string at them! I think the mums and dads enjoyed this activity a lot! Lol.


superhero target practice


An opportunity for some Target Practice was another must for these little superheroes. A Nurf Gun and old target board hanging from the inside of the glass window did the trick for us but you could do this activity all kinds of ways.


Build a super-cool superhero car with Lego then race them down the ramp!


Inside we had a box of LEGO set up next to a slide that I had stuck some road tape to. Here the children got to design a super cool vehicle with LEGO and then test them out and race them down the ramp.


Superhero re-fuelling station. themed party food


Our final task of the day was the Superhero Re-fuelling Station. Here we ate yummy superhero themed food and enjoyed the special themed birthday cake. You can read more details about the food here.


After this, the children had some free time to re-visit their favourite superhero training activities and also make sure they had found all the pictures on the back page of their booklet.


Superhero lego certificates


Finally, we gathered the children together and presented each one with one of these cool certificates as well as a gift box full of goodies.


Superhero Lego gift boxes for completing all the training tasks


Overall, I think this party ran quite smoothly (in a house-full-of-hyperactive-children kind of way! Lol) and the booklet of activities was a big hit. If you’d like to do something similar I have shared with you below a free printable activities page and also a cool certificate to get you started.


If you do use these though, I’d just like to ask a HUGE favour…..I’d really love it if you could please take the time to pin this post into pinterest and/or share it on facebook (just trying to spread the word!)


11 Superhero party activities 'training action stations"


To download this free page listing the eleven “action station” that you can use to make your own Superhero training booklets. Click here.


Superhero certificate


To download this free Superhero training certificate. Click here.


Don’t forget, if you’d like to read more about what I did for this party (and what I put inside the gift boxes!) you can check out this post.


Superhero Lego party fun and games. 11 awesome activities plus two free printables


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