My life right now. Keeping it real.


Life with three kids.

It’s proving to be a little more hectic than I expected.

I need to download…..




Rushed, stressful,

Something has always gotta give……

What will it be today? ….. will I get a shower? Will I manage to eat breakfast? Will my daughter actually brush her teeth or get changed out of her PJ’s today?



How is it I did three loads yesterday and today my daughter has no clean undies left to wear!!?



“But mummy! I emptied the dishwasher and filled it yesterday!” followed by dramatic cry, arms flailing, feet stomping and body flopping on the couch.

….Honestly, sometimes I wish I could join my son in his cry of “Life’s not fair!!!”



I know you’re out there somewhere. But I miss you! I am stuck in this frantic home bubble. More laundry, more dishes, more bodies to clean and feed…again and again…and again. I think we are perhaps all feeling a bit the same way. We’ll see each other soon I hope. I am thinking of you! And praying for you!



More mess.

Always more mess.

Mess still.

It laughs at me.

Defeats me.

I can’t think with all this mess!





….I search for you each day to no prevail.


Crawling baby

Cranky kids

Frazzled mother



My helper.

That is about all I have the capacity for in this moment.

I miss you.

I hate this.

I need to remember you more.

Thank you for being with me anyway.

I love you.



It’s funny how life ebbs and flows, each year presenting new challenges and opportunities. A year and a half ago I felt on top if the world. Ready to take life by the horns and bend it to my will. I even got the motivational mug to help me on my way! Lol.



I have come to like having a mug to pour my tea into each day that can remind me of things and this mug was helpful for a time.


But I REALLY don’t like this mug anymore.

My life has changed. It’s a different season

I got sick ….. And then I had a baby…… And then I got sick again!

I can’t face that mug anymore.

It’s all too hard.

There is so much I wish I was doing but I am not.

One day the season of life will change again.

But just for now I have a new favourite mug and this is what it says:


“The Lords mercies are new
every morning.”
Lam 3:22-23



Every Morning.


Yes Lord, I need your mercy AGAIN today.

Be with me please.

Help me.

Help me make it through.

Another day.

May there be even just a moment of peace with you this day.

I am so glad you still walk with me and we navigate this life together.

Give me the capacity to smile and find joy through the rush of this day.

Help me know which few things on my “to do” list ARE actually achievable today.

And may I have the humility and wisdom to let go of the rest for another day.



How are you feeling today? Can you relate? 


Do you have a mug that helps you remember or bring you comfort?


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2 thoughts on “My life right now. Keeping it real.

  1. Can I relate?! Oh, I can. And how! Without my amazing husband, I don’t know how I would do it all! And then throw in his military obligations and my head starts to spin. Again. I think we are all in the same boat with this parenting small children gig. It is harder than anyone ever warned me. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. (Or would I? Well, at least once a day, for just a brief moment, I would. But then I come back to reality and appreciate all the blessings in my life.) It’s hard, but the hard is what makes it great! Thanks for keeping it real.


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