My aspirations for 2016

Yes, yes, I do know it is almost march AND I am not normally one for making New Years resolutions either so this Blog post might seem out of place. However, this year we have found ourselves dreaming a bit about what the year ahead might look like. We even made a really cool custom made artwork to help remind us of our plans and I‘d LOVE to tell you about it.


My goals for 2016. being deliberate


Like I said, I am not normally one for making New Years Resolutions but once school starts back at the end of January, I do seem to naturally find myself getting all reflective about what the year ahead might hold and what I’d like to do and achieve.


It was this sort of reflecting last year that prompted me to take the plunge and start writing this blog!


Tech man and I were chatting one evening in January this year about parenting aspirations and the word ‘Deliberate’ came up. We were discussing how we want to make sure we are deliberately investing in our children NOW while they are young and impressionable.


Deliberately …. making sure they know they are loved

Deliberately …. spending focussed time with them

Deliberately …. really listening to them

Deliberately …. encouraging them

Deliberately …. imparting life lessons as teachable moments arise

Deliberately …. creating happy memories together

Deliberately …. going on fun family outings more often and

Deliberately …. playing more together


The word really seemed to stick in our minds and we very quickly started to put these ideas into practice.


A few weeks later the word came up again! This time in a discussion about investing in our marriage, being deliberate in noticing, loving and cherishing each other. If there is one thing I have learnt after 11 years of marriage. It is that we need to always keep being deliberate to invest in our marriages and keep the flame alive.


We want to laugh together more, create more space to just be together and enjoy each other’s company (not just staring at the TV!), we want to grow spiritually together and show love to each other more in tangible ways….. so we found some practical ways to do that this year too…


  • Putting aside a night each week to invest in each other, talk, encourage, grow.
  • Sign up for a parenting or spiritual development course together
  • Intentionally do actions each week to show love to each other by implementing something similar to this cool date night ideas in a jar


After all this, the word STILL kept ringing in my ears.

“Be Deliberate!”


I have now started to really see this word as a sort of mission statement for the year, not only for my relationship with my husband and children, but in my spiritual life too.


Last year, I read a book called “The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence” by James. W. Goll. We went through this book with my growth group and I really did find the ideas in the book quite challenging and strangely new. As a result, my goal this year is to intentionally put aside more uninterrupted time to just ‘be’ with my heavenly father. Talking to him and perhaps, more importantly, learning to be still and really listen to him and see what we has to say to me and ASK HIM how I can be deliberate in what I do each day.


With all these wonderful aspirations for 2016 floating around my head I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget! I really do want to turn these ideas into action so often that they become a way of life for years to come!


That is when I came up with the idea to put together a “word cloud” to help inspire us through the year. It is based around this theme of being deliberate and what that means to us personally this year. You can read more about how I made this artwork in my next post.


Customised Word cloud. Being deliberate and intentional.


We made it pretty enough to hang in our room as a constant visual reminder.


Inspirational Canvas made to match the bedroom colours and pattern on the bedspread


Do you like it?

I really do love it.


It is custom made to complement our own bedroom.


Now I just need to remember to look at it and of course (more importantly) start putting it into action!


If you’d like to know more about this artwork and how you can make your own, be sure to read my post about it.


How will you be deliberate in 2016?
Do you have an inspirational word to live by this year?


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