Make your own Jewellery Display Board: DIY in 9 easy to follow steps!

Jewellery boards are so pretty and very practical for women of any age……. I really do think every woman and daughter should have one! You can custom design a space to display all your gorgeous hairclips, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The great thing about it is that it doubles as an art display so you can enjoy looking at all the pretty things even when you are not wearing them!


In today’s tutorial I will show you some jewellery boards I have made plus a few links to some other cool ones I found. I will also walk you through the steps to take if you would like to make one for your self (or your daughter or a friend!).


DIY Jewellery boards. Pretty, easy. tutorial and examples


I love how jewellery boards can be made in so many different formats to suit your individual preferences, using the colours and style you like and providing space for your favourite things to be on display and enjoyed all the time.


They make a lovely personalised DIY gift idea too that can be quite cheap and easy to make.


Not only can you easily see what you have when they are on display like this (and nothing gets tangled!), but the whole board becomes a lovely artwork for your room as well.


Here are some Jewellery Boards I have made


Easy White Jewellery display I made for earrings

This pretty jewellery board I made for a friend. She wears lots of gorgeous dangly earrings. I used some plastic lace I found on a roll at spotlight because it is already strong and has plenty of holes so the earrings can hang on it anywhere. By making the background white, the beautiful earrings could be the heroes. I finished it off by adding a few pretty white hooks at the top either side to make room for some matching necklaces as well.


Girls pretty large pink jewellery board with name and buttons

I made this frame for my niece. I love the pretty pink buttons cascading from the top and her name written with fabric pen down one side. There is room for her hairclips, necklaces, bracelets and headbands on this board. What more could a little girl want?


Easy Green Jewellery Board I made

This is the jewellery board I made for myself, it matches the colours in my bedroom, and has spaces for my long necklaces, fancy hairclips and bracelets that I thread along the bottom (would you believe it’s made of PVC piping!!??).


Easy pretty pink girls jewellery display to DIY

This jewellery board is the one I made most recently for my daughter.


My Little China Doll has had gorgeous black straight hair ever since she was born and I have LOVED buying gorgeous hairclips for her. It didn’t take long, however, for the collection to grow slightly out of control. I really wanted to make a pretty jewellery board to match her new “big girls bedroom” I have been designing. These little works of art really do deserve to be on display I think and it certainly makes it a lot easier now for me to find the one I want.


Make your own Jewellery display board in 9 easy steps. DIY tutorial


Here’s how to make your own Jewellery Board


1. Decide the general size frame you are wanting (consider the size of the space where you want to hang it and also what jewellery you want to display)


2. Buy a nice looking frame that is the size you want (these can be bought very cheap and easily from any thrift store).


3. Take out the glass and picture from the frame (these can be discarded)


4. If you want, give the frame a fresh look with a new coat of paint in the colour of your choice (I applied a distressed look to mine by sanding it back slightly for that Shabby-Chic feel I was going for in the room)


5. Secure the fabric onto the wooden backing board of the frame using a staple gun and hot glue gun around the edges.

Tip: I recommend that you choose a fabric that is not too busy and colourful as you really want the jewellery to stand out and be the hero. Just choose a nice plain fabric with maybe a gentle texture or slight pattern.


6. Design your layout. Use some pretty hooks to hang chain bracelets and necklaces, ribbons for hairclips (or looped ribbon for head bands), some sort of mesh or corkboard for hanging earrings and a rod of some kind if you want to display bangles etc. There really are so many wonderful options or ways to achieve different looks and display the jewellery you like best.

Tip: You can scroll down to the end of this post for some more ideas of layouts and jewellery board tutorials.


7. Attach the hooks and ribbons in place. A staple gun and hot glue gun should be able to help with most of this.


8. Secure the backing board back into the frame

Tip: If needed, cover any screws or hooks that might be poking through the backing board using some foam or felt so it won’t scratch the wall. I found some of the hooks I used were much thicker than the backing board was and were sharp so I did need to cover these.


9. Hang on the wall and add jewellery

Tip: be careful not to overload the board otherwise the artistic effect can be lost.


You might have noticed I used the same fabric for my daughters jewellery board as the one I did for my niece (pictured earlier). I was lucky that this pretty fabric matched in really well with My Little China Dolls new bedroom and I even had enough left to make this matching cover for a tissue box in her room.


pretty pink lacy tissue box cover to match the jewellery board


For further inspiration, here are a few more Jewellery Boards  I found online that I really liked



Old wooden tray upcycled into a jewellery board

This jewellery board upcycles an old wooden tray and drawers.

I love the little labelled boxes on the shelf for bits and pieces you don’t want to hang up.


DIY jewellery board tutorial using a Cork board

Corkboard jewellery display

Pretty hooks and pins can easily be attached (and changed) if you use corkboard for the backing.


DIY jewellery board tutorial using chicken wire

Chicken wire jewellery board

Offers a versatile and rustic display solution.


DIY Jewellery display with a vintage drawer

Upcycled vintage drawer jewellery board for the table top

I love the use here of some gorgeous handles to hang some of the jewellery on.


Pegboard Jewellery display

Pegboard Jewellery Display

This board would be easy to change the design and add more hooks as you need. The painted frame and tins are a cute addition.


Wooden Pallet Jewellery Board display      Jewellery display made with shadow box

I found this wooden pallet and shadow box board for jewellery displays on Pinterest and thought they were worth sharing too.

Gosh they have fit a lot of jewellery on these!


Etsy Jewellery display board you can buy

Don’t forget, in the end, if you don’t want to make your own, you can also easily buy them online.

I really liked this one I found on etsy.


50+ Fast, easy DIY Jewellery storage ideas

Haven’t got enough inspiration yet?

Click here for plenty more jewellery storage ideas !



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DIY Jewellery Boards made easy in 9 easy to follow steps


How do you store your jewellery?
Which board do like the best?


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