I have finally found joy in a jog. This is my fitness journey.

I have never been very into sport or exercise. But in recent years I have learnt to love it. It has played a significant role in helping me overcome depression and now I am beginning to see some tangible results which is a very exciting bonus.


I have found a routine that is working really well for me that is both budget friendly and toddler friendly. Today I want to encourage other mums out there to start working exercise into their daily routine. It is totally worth it. It can lift your mood and brighten your day.


It really is possible for regular exercise to be cheap and fun for both mum and bub!


In another post I will tell you about my latest purchase and fitness adventure but firstly let me briefly share my fitness journey with you…..


About four years ago I was really struggling with life. There was a lot going on and I just wasn’t coping. I was suffering from anxiety attacks and I was depressed. I remember getting upset and totally losing it if there was a simple unexpected change to my plans in a day. Sometimes the simplest of tasks simply seemed just too overwhelming to face.


I used to think this was an embarrassing thing to tell people. But then I realised that almost everyone suffers from anxiety or depression at some point in their life.


Depression Collage



Once I realised that I was actually suffering from depression, I started to look into what people can do to overcome it (in addition to taking tablets) and exercise was one of those things that kept popping up time and time again.


I hated doing exercise. I was one of those girls at school that would try and find any excuse not to do sport. But I knew I needed to find something that would work for me otherwise depression would get the better of me.


I started with just popping my son into a pram and going for a simple walk around the local lake and guess what?


I found to my surprise that exercise truly did lift my spirits!


My Little Scientist (who was very young at the time) enjoyed getting out of the house and he looked forward to the play in the playground that I promised at the end of the trip.


In my life generally I like efficiency and prefer to get jobs done as quickly as possible so I can move on with my day. That is why gradually my walk turned into bursts of jogging that is lasting longer as my fitness slowly improves.


As My Little Scientist grew older he progressed to a two wheel scooter or a bike. This meant now I had a fast moving target that I needed to try and keep up with. Which was perfect.


…..Then I got pregnant….

All fitness efforts pretty much came to a massive halt. I was really breathless. Just walking down the street and back would find me gasping for air. Even in the very early months of pregnancy with my second child I struggled to do energetic activities.


Once My Little China Doll arrived and life had settled down I was keen to get back into a fitness routine of some kind again, not only for the good endorphins I had discovered it creates but also because I was now the largest I had ever been (while not pregnant). I was still wearing maternity clothes as nothing else fit me, my stomach was bulging and I couldn’t even do one sit-up as my muscles were so weak.


Over the past 15 months I have been building up my fitness repertoire and I am enjoying trying out a variety of new fitness activities. My jog around the lake is now punctuated with core work such as planks so that my baby belly can hopefully disappear. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and I can do 30 sit-ups easy now. This might not seem amazing to other people but it is to me. I am really proud of how far I have come.


These days I have found if I don’t do exercise, I am starting to really miss my exercise times with the kids. We have found a routine that really works well for us amongst the craziness of life and more importantly we have found ways to make it fun. It works for our current season in life and I am so glad that finally, I have found joy in the jog.

 joy in jog 2


Have you struggled with depression or finding the motivation to get active?
Do you find your budget or kids are holding you back from getting fit?
What is your fitness journey? Have you found ‘joy in the jog’?



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