How to make a Toddler friendly Christmas tree

My little ‘almost’ two year old is getting into EVERYTHING at the moment and as Christmas is fast approaching, I knew I needed something different to decorate my Christmas tree. The tinsel and glass baubles I have used in previous years just weren’t going to do!


My first Christmas tree was full of beautiful glass baubles and tinsel. No good for little children to play with.


So I had a good look on Pinterest and came up with the plan to use burlap (which seems to be quite popular at the moment) on the tree and we sewed some cute decorations to tie the whole look together. (see the free printable below to make your own!)


My new 'Toddler Friendly' Christmas tree with hand sewn decorations and nothing breakable!


First of all, I took a look around the house and made a collection of bits and pieces I thought I could use that wouldn’t be destroyed too easily by my ‘very eager to help’ little china doll.


I found some items from home


Next, I went to spotlight and found a big roll of burlap plus some other cute red and white (toddler friendly) decorations that would go with the theme AND the colours in my lounge room.


Items I bought from Spotlight


Then, while we happened to be at IKEA buying up big on furniture for my little scientists ‘big boy bedroom’ that I am working on at the moment (watch – this—space– ! ) I found these gorgeous white LED lanterns that I just HAD to get. Though I was disappointed later to find that purchasing the batteries cost about three times as much as the decorations themselves, I really love them and they could be nice to use for a special event one day too (shame I am not planning another wedding anytime soon!).


IKEA LED Lanterns


Finally, to tie the whole look together (using red, white, and hessian) I sewed these cute decorations together and decorated them with bits and pieces I had spare in my craft cupboard.


Hand Sewn Christmas Ornaments


I think they are super cute and would be a great addition to any tree so I have included all the steps and tips you need below to make your own, including the templates I used!


How to Sew Christmas Ornaments: gather, print, trace, cut, sew, stuff, decorate, hang, repeat


  1. Gather some bits and pieces to use,
  2. Print the free template provided below,
  3. Trace around the shapes (making two of each for the front and back),
  4. Cut out the shapes,
  5. Sew around the edges (but be sure to leave a gap and don’t finish it off before completing step 6!),
  6. Stuff the decoration with Hobby Fill,
  7. Decorate the shapes with bits and pieces and a hot glue gun,


Then simply… Hang and Repeat!


Important tips for you to note before you start:
  1. Using just three colours helps make them all match.
  2. Cut the shapes out just inside the black lines so you don’t have drawn marks visible on the decorations (if you do have marks be sure to face that side inwards so it isn’t seen).
  3. Use thick twine so the stitches can be seen and they become a bit of a feature.
  4. If you have some buttons or bows you want to sew on, do this BEFORE you sew the two pieces together, all other decorations can be easily added with a hot glue gun.
  5. Don’t pull the string too tight or it might unravel the hessian shapes you cut out. Likewise, don’t stuff them too much with the Hobby Fill or they may fall apart.


How to make a toddler friendly Christmas tree. Free Printable Templates


Here is the free printable page of templates ready for you to use, you will need two of each shape to sew them together (front and back)


Free Printable Template. click here


Just two more final notes before you get to it….


Corey from Sawdust2stitches posted a really useful post with tips on hanging burlap or ribbon on the tree nicely.


Also, when putting together all the decorations onto your tree don’t forget, biggest to smallest: fairy lights first, followed by the burlap ribbon wrapped around, THEN hang the decorations last (biggest ones first, then smallest last).


Let the decorating begin!


So there you have it, a toddler friendly Christmas tree that looks pretty gorgeous too! Now just for the next very important question….


Anyone know how to make toddler proof presents for under the tree !!?? 


What do you do to make sure your Christmas Tree toddler friendly?


Don’t forget to check out my DIY Christmas Decorations Board on Pinterest for heaps more ideas you or your children can make for Christmas this year.


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Start a tradition of adding a page to a family Christmas Album each year and treasure the memories for years to come.

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