He is calling me forward

It’s that time of year, the routine of life has begun. Holidays are over, the kids are off to school and stay at home mums (like me) are deciding how to spend their days with their little ones for the term. Which playgroup to go to, when to clean or do groceries and how to spend my time generally.


For me though, it’s much more than that, it’s this time of year that I find I want to launch into those things that I feel God is calling me to spend my time and focus on this year. I am refreshed from the fun of Christmas and New Year festivities and longing for routine and getting into life and all that 2015 has to offer.

He is calling me forward and he is calling you too.

Holding out a helping hand

I pray and start to ponder and ask God how he wants to use me and my time for him in the year that is to come.


The opportunity to be a stay at home mum is such a wonderful joy and privilege. I absolutely LOVE seeing my children grow and develop in those early years, investing in their lives and observing their unique interests and personalities coming forth. Also though, this is a time for me to really be quite free to choose how my time is spent (especially during those blessed day time naps!) and make the most of this season in life to explore interests and callings that have been placed deep in my heart.


Well, you guessed it, this year is “the year of the Blog” for me. I have felt in my heart for several years now that writing a blog might be something to try ‘one day’ and it seems that that day has finally come! I am both excited and also very nervous about this new adventure I am embarking. This Blog has actually existed for a couple of months but I wasn’t ready until now to make it public.


I have known for years that one day a time would come for me to share my story with others, and put some of my experiences, failures, victories and learnings out there for the world to see. With the hope to inspire and encourage other women. I didn’t know what form it would take back then but I knew it was going to happen, I just had to wait and trust God as His timing is perfect. The time had to be right and I don’t want to rush ahead. I have kept record of the things I have gone through, waiting for my season of sharing to arrive.

There is a wonderful verse in the Bible (Ecclesiastes chapter 3) where it talks about the seasons of life. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”. It goes on to describe many seasons, twists and turns life can take.


The line that particularly jumped out at me was “There is a time to be silent and a time to speak up.”


I have had my time of weeping and my time of mourning, I’ve been through my time of coping and my time of ‘just trying to hold it together’. There have been times of tearing down old habits and building up new ones. This year is my time of celebration. I made it through and now I am smiling. It’s my time of being thankful, reflecting, healing and celebrating God’s goodness to me. A time to speak up and let my voice be heard.


My question to you today is this ;

What is God calling you to do this year and how will you create space in 2015 to pursue what he has placed on your heart?


If you are not sure about your answer to these questions, take a look at the verse above and ask God what sort of time or season it is for you this year and what steps you need to take in response or preparation for it.


Of course, none of us ultimately know what the year has in store for us. There is bound to be moments of crisis and moments of triumph. This might be your year to recover from trauma or rely on friends and family to carry you through a tough season. It might be a year of surprises or of unexpected joy.


No matter the season, you can know that God wants to walk with you through it all, step by step, calling you forward just like he is calling me.



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