Girls Bedroom Reveal: Pretty, Vintage, Shabby Chic

I am so excited to FINALLY be able to present my daughters pretty bedroom here on my Blog. This Shabby Chic inspired room has been a work in progress for the past year or so and has certainly been a labour of love. I am thrilled with the results and have enjoyed making a few special things for the room, then bringing it all together. I hope you enjoy the tour!


Pretty Girls Bedroom Reveal. Shabby Chic, Vintage, DIY.


As we prepared to make room for a third baby (which is now due to arrive in just 4 weeks!), a bedroom shuffle was in order. I decided to take this opportunity to decorate each room beautifully, and boy has it been fun!


Pretty girls bedroom.


Firstly, My Little Scientist moved into what used to be the spare room. I did up his room in a gorgeous vintage/ industrial style with a layout suited better for him now that he is growing bigger and at school. It features a study desk and plenty of storage for his LEGO sets etc. You can check it out here.


Once he was moved out, it was My Little China Dolls turn. She moved out of the nursery and into my sons old room. You can get a small glimpse of what it used to look like in a previous post where I show the large wooden ‘stage’ I made for this room. It creates a nice play space for the children but also gives me a clever storage area underneath that has come in very handy indeed.


Beautiful cross stitch of girl picking up shells on the beach.


I started this room by looking on Pinterest and developing a “mood board” of how I wanted the room to look. I knew I wanted a pretty room with some vintage pieces but still with plenty of things a little girl likes too. This cross-stitch I have been working on (for the last 20 years!) definitely needed to have pride of place in this room as the picture looks just like my daughter! I love making things and wanted to include a few special things DIY projects to this room as well as a few others sentimental items made by other women in the family.


pretty girls bed and bedside table. Shabby Chic.


Next, I set about looking for a nice bed spread. This helped me define more clearly the colour scheme for the room that I would then work on bringing in throughout the rest of the space. I settled on this pretty bed spread I bought at Snooze called “Minnie Pink” by Hiccups.


little girls doll and butterfly cushion on bed


The doll was a great find at an Op Shop for just a few dollars and the butterfly pillow came as a hand me down from the cousins and my daughter loves them!


Girls bedroom fun play space. DIY stage with lots of storage space hidden underneath!


I knew I needed to make a fresh cover for the stage that I made a few years ago to make it more suitable for the room and I also needed a valance for the bed to hide the boxes stored under it. I found the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this was to buy a cheap King size sheet set. This gave me enough material to make both. An added bonus was also that I scored two matching pillowcases for the room (unfortunately I forgot to use these in the photo shoot, but you get the idea I am sure). It was nice that the colours all tied together then and I was even able to use the elastic from the fitted sheet for some of the frilly edges to save time!


On the stage is My Little China Dolls Play area. I bought some fabric storage boxes from Bunnings to store the dolls clothes and a marble run set that she loves to play with at the moment (I am sure the contents of these boxes will change as she grows older and her interests change too).


Girls Dolls house and play area



Of course, I ‘needed’ a Dolls house for this little girls room and I was lucky that a friend of mine had this cute wooden one she was getting rid of. I did find though that the doll’s house needed to be elevated a bit so I found an old white book shelf that, when laying on its side, not only helped give the extra height I needed for the house but it also provided some more storage space underneath to keep some of the things for the doll’s house when they aren’t in use as well as a few other bits and pieces.


pretty 3D butterfly wall stickers and IKEA shelf for decorating pretty girls room


I love this shelving we bought from Ikea that sits just above the play area. It’s called a “Picture Ledge” and is just wide enough for standing up some books and a few cute toys on display. It is designed originally for photo frames but it really is great for all sorts of things. When my Little Scientist slept in this room he enjoyed displaying his LEGO mini figures and matchbox cars along it.


I found the wooden tree and word “believe” at a craft shop. So I used some white undercoat, then some green and pink paint (that matched the bed spread). I think it adds a nice bit of interest and detail to the room.


The feature wall was painted “Aqua Chiffon” (45Aa-3), by Taubmans. I simply matched it with another colour on the bed spread and made it a shade lighter.


I was also inspired by this photo on Pinterest and really wanted to buy some 3D butterfly stickers for the wall. We ended up buying a pink, yellow and white butterflies on ebay. They were pretty cheap and add a wonderful soft whimsical effect in the room.


Bedside table with shabby chic makeover and DIY tissue box cover


I already had an old bedside table from my grandparents that fit perfectly between the bed and the stage. But it was in desperate need of a face lift. I scrapped off the old contact paper and gave the whole thing a fresh white undercoat all over. Then I used the same pink paint I had used for the word “believe” to paint the outside and trims of the bedside table. I also found some pretty floral wrapping paper that I cut to the right size and glued to the back of the shelves.


Shabby Chic DIY tissue box cover


To dress the table I added our favourite bedtime stories and a special hand-made teddy that my Aunty made for me when I was young. I also made this shabby chic tissue box cover using a pretty $2 doily I bought from an antique shop for inspiration. There is also a lacy rectangular doily sitting under the Tissue box too.


I have hopes to add a DIY Shabby Chic bedside lamp of some kind eventually but I just haven’t had the time or energy lately to attempt this project.


bunting and lace decorating the window in pretty girls bedroom for shabby chic look


This bunting I originally made for my sister’s baby shower. My sister didn’t have further use for it after the party so I was very glad to be able to use it in this room instead.


Pretty girls bed


Coupled with some pretty scalloped lace curtains that used to hang in my mums kitchen, I think the windows are dressed quite nicely.


girls shelving in pretty pink shabby chic bedroom


I am using the large bookshelf in this room for storing more books plus some spare blankets and also nappy change things etc. The two fabric storage boxes on the bottom level (also from Bunnings) I have found really useful. One is for jumpers, the other for dirty clothes. It keeps them tidy but also is easily accessible for My Little China doll as she becomes more independent in dressing herself.


Book shelf decoration with pretty shabby chic angel alphabet letters


To help it look pretty, I found a nice set of white baskets from freedom that I used as well as these little alphabet angel letters spelling JOY that I found in a cute gift shop one day. There are a couple of special dolls here too to keep a close eye on things.


green shabby chic dresser with lined drawer


This dressing table is probably my most favourite piece in the room. The antique green dresser was a very special find at a local antique shop that I just couldn’t leave behind. I really love the shape and details on it and the best thing is that it was already this cool green colour that matched the bed spread and wooden tree in the room perfectly! I lined the drawer with the same wrapping paper that I had used on the bedside table and found a pretty white basket to fit on the bottom shelf for hats and scarfs etc.


Shabby Chic girls dresser and DIY jewellery display board.


I made the jewellery board as a Christmas present for my daughter last year. It fits in the space between the bookshelves and the cupboard perfectly and is painted with the same pink paint I used on the bedside table and the wooden word “believe” (used elsewhere in the room).


I looked everywhere for a pretty self standing mirror that wouldn’t break easily. I ended up finding this one at Daiso for just $2.80 (as is the cost of everything in this shop! AWESOME!). With a pretty doily and jewellery box on the table top, this space is very girly and I LOVE IT!


Wardrobe organisation for little girl (double hanger so she can reach!)


In the wardrobe I placed a small set of drawers for undies, socks, shorts and skirts. This nifty double wardrobe hanger from Howards Storage World is fully adjustable in height and length. I love this set up because My Little China Doll can reach most of the clothes herself. I make the items most relevant for the season accessible on the lower lever and swap them around as needed. Shorts and T-shirts will be changed over to long pants and long sleeve shirts in winter.


Pretty Girls Bedroom. Shabby Chic and vintage inspired pieces. with 3D butterflies and some DIY projects.


So there you have it, my DIY Shabby Chic Girls bedroom. I hope you enjoyed the tour!


If you are wanting more inspiration for a similar style room, you can check out (and follow) my “Girls Shabby Chic Bedroom” board on Pinterest. Also, you can check out my photo on Shutterfly along with a wonderful collection of other creative bedroom ideas!

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10 thoughts on “Girls Bedroom Reveal: Pretty, Vintage, Shabby Chic

  1. Thanks Nicole! I am so glad you like it. I think I am living out a few childhood dreams creating this space for my daughter 🙂 . The old TV cabinet I initially made as an upcycled fish tank. We moved several times and I gave up on the fish idea but I couldn’t bare to part with the TV so it had been gathering dust in the shed for years! I was so glad to find another use for it.

  2. It so beautiful Clare! My girls would love this as their room. I have three girls rooms to decorate. I’m just about to put Phoebe into a big bed now that she’s 2. It’s just working out which bedframe to choose…

    • Thanks Bec. Wow you have LOTS of girly fun decorating up three girls bedrooms 🙂 Lucky you! I havn’t looked at bed frames much. This Bed was actually the one I had (and my mum had) when I was a little girl. Personally I have always been a fan of the ones with great storage like a shelf built into the bed head and drawers underneath etc. All the best finding one you like, I am sure there are plenty of choices around.

    • Hi Sandra, thank you for leaving your idea here. Personally I felt like that would be too much pink in the room if I painted the wall to. Though my daughter absolutely LOVES pink, I am not a big pink person normally and I felt like there needed to be a different colour for the wall to break it up a bit. Also I know that little girls love pink often when they are little but this often changes as they grow older too and I want this room to be able to grow with her as much as possible so I grabbed a different colour that was in the bedspread that I liked.

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