Custom made inspiration for the year ahead

This year my husband and I have been pondering ways we can be deliberate in 2016. To help us remember from day to day what we are aspiring to this year, we made this gorgeous canvas. Today, I will share step by step how you can make one for yourself….


Inspirational Canvas made to match the bedroom colours and pattern on the bedspread


I particularly like this canvas because it is really meaningful to us this year. It has the words we want on it, it has the colours that we like and it matches the bedspread in our room that we choose. It is totally customised to our liking!


The second thing I like is that you don’t have to me an artist to make one of these. With a bit of know-how around an image-editing program, you really can whip one of these up rather quickly.


The last thing I really like is that it wasn’t expensive so it would be easy to change from year to year as our goals and priorities change.


Customised Word cloud. Being deliberate and intentional.


I actually like it so much that I am hoping to get this image printed on a mug soon too!


Initially, we created our word cloud from a free website that could generate an image to our specifications quite easily. Unfortunately, though, we found that the images could not be saved to a high enough resolution to be printed on a large canvas and it is much more useful for smaller projects or use online instead.


So, we ended up basically re-doing the whole thing in Photoshop…..This was a very sad realisation and I am so thankful tech man helped me out at this point to fix it, otherwise I just might have cried I think!


If all this sounds too hard for you, don’t worry, there are online companies like “beyond a word” that will make one for you. Also Etsy has plenty of ideas of customised word cloud artworks for your home as well as opportunities to buy.


Below I have provided instructions and tips for creating a word cloud from scratch in an image editing program eg. Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, PicMonkey is a free image editing tool anyone can access online that might be useful.


Remember though, if you do want to have a template initially, you can by all means use to get you started…..


How to make your own inspirational Word cloud canvas              
  1. Make a list of several words around your theme or topic (use a thesaurus to help you if you need)
  2. Decide the shape you’d like your words to make when they are all together. I chose a cloud but you could do any shape you want really. eg. Circle, heart, face or a word.
  3. Settle on the font you like at the start! (it will be a pain to have to go back and change these individually later)
  4. Create the canvas size you want (I suggest that you look online at the place you plan to eventually get this printed and choose one of their canvas sizes as a guide) and set it to a high resolution 300 DPI
  5. Choose a couple of words that you want to stand out the most. Make them the biggest and put them in first to start you off.
  6. I suggest you use each word at least twice, perhaps even three times and make each of them a different size or colour.
  7. Add the large words first and then gradually place the smaller words to fill in the gaps to make your shape. The more words you use to fill the gaps, the easier it will be to tell the shape you have made.
  8. Don’t let your words go too close to the edge. Allow a blank border if you can as anything on the edge may be mirrored on the sides of the canvas when it is printed potentially making it look a bit strange.
  9. Change the colour of the words and the background to your liking. Choose just a few different colours that compliment each other well. Refer to a colour wheel for help with this if you need.
  10. Make sure your feature words stand out.
  11. Add a background flourish or other image to match your room onto the background to make it look a bit more pretty and matching. Make sure it is faded and not too overbearing (you still want to be able to read the words easily)
  12. Save it as a Jpeg file
  13. Put the image on a flash disk and take it to a photo printing shop to have it printed on the canvas size you wanted

Canvas hanging on wall with inspirational words in a word cloud

Our canvas was 24 x 16 inches and
cost $59 to be printed


Post update:

I am so excited that my mug arrived today! I enjoyed afternoon tea with a lovely cuppa, watching my children play and pondering how to be intentional….


Mug with inspirational word cloud printed


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Could you use a custom made word cloud art piece to inspire you or a friend this year ?


What words would inspire you ?




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