Colour Conference 2019: Pressing On

Last week I went to the Hillsong Colour Conference with a group of twenty amazing women from my church. It was held at the Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour with 8000 other Christian women from around Australia, who were passionate and thirsty for God.


Over the three days, we listened to several different speakers and it’s taken me a while to be able to sift through the ocean of encouraging and inspiring words and work out what I wanted to share with you about the Conference today.



At a conference of this nature, I think we will all come away with something different that has stood out to us and spoken to our heart in the different seasons of life we are in.


The quote that sums up best what I felt God said to me through the conference was something quite simple really that Bobby Houston said on the opening night.


She encouraged us to “find our resolve to press on”. Like it says in Philippians 3:14  “I press on toward the goal for which God has called me”.


“Find your resolve to press on”
– Bobby Houston


For me personally, I find it is so easy to grow weary all too soon. I tend to begin super excited about something God has called me to do as I start to see some things initially come into place. But then, after a while, the rubber hits the road and it’s easy to lose sight of the greater call…


The task gets hard.


Effort is needed.


Problems arise that I don’t have quick solutions for


The fruit of my labour is not realised as quickly as I had hoped


… and I can find myself feel disheartened and start to question God. I wonder if this is really what I was supposed to be doing or was it all just my imagination.


Satan LOVES it when we think like this. He wants us to doubt ourselves, question our calling and forget all the good things God has already done for us leading up to this point. He hopes we will lose sight of our all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God.


Does this scenario sound familiar to you too? If so, then please read on!


Following are four super practical strategies I gleaned from my time away at the conference that we can apply to help us “keep pressing on” in our God-given calling today.


1. Don’t give up


Erwin McManus was the guest international speaker at Colour. He shared a really interesting story in the Bible that I don’t remember reading before which is found in 2 Kings 13:18-19.  It is about a king who was asking the prophet Elisha for God’s blessing over his army as they set out to fight a nearby region. Elisha instructed him to “strike the ground”. Because the king did this instruction three times, that was the level of the blessing he got. Elisha was disappointed though and told the king that if he had of persisted, the blessing would have been far greater!


We were encouraged to “Just keep striking!” until God actually tells us to stop. Don’t give up, but rather push through even when the calling might feel too hard or overwhelming….. or silly even.


Erwin made a fabulous observation that we as Christians often wait for God to tell us to do something before we START serving him but we rarely seek him and ask first before we choose to stop!


“Just keep striking!”
– Erwin McManus


2. Keep guard of our hearts and minds


Bobby Houston’s daughter, Laura Toggs, gave a beautiful message on the Saturday morning which had many practical steps to daily keep our eyes set on God.


She encouraged us not to get lazy or let familiarity creep in. Complacency can hold us back from realising all that God has for us. We must keep guard of our hearts and not be distracted too much by thoughts or actions that God hasn’t called us to.


This might mean we need to pull away from people or things that are drawing us too far from our calling and choose instead to surround ourselves with people who actually believe in us and who we might become.


I loved Laura’s reminder that God does not expect perfection. If we come with a pure heart and give our best, we can trust God to take care of the rest!


“If we come with a pure heart and give our best,
we can trust God to take care of the rest!”
– Laura Toggs


3. Stay open to change


Christine Caine shared a really powerful message with us based on the story found in John 5:1-15 about the lame man who was by the pool of Bethesda hoping to be healed.


She declared God’s love, healing and destiny isn’t just for everyone else, but it’s for you and me too! Christine warned us though that we must be careful not to get stuck with a tunnel vision of how we think this might play out, otherwise we run the risk of missing the opportunity altogether.


Keep your eyes open to what God is doing and the new places he might be leading or wanting to heal. And be prepared and willing to respond when that moment comes. When God asks you to “get up off your mat and walk” go ahead and give it a go!


“Keep your eyes open to what God is doing
and the new places he might be leading”
– Christine Caine


4. We can only do it with God.


This might seem like an obvious statement, but it’s amazing how often we can forget this very important element of our lives. Running the race God has called us to is only possible when we lean on him and follow His direction.


It’s a daily choice that we make.


Not so that we get to heaven, as it says in Ephesians 2:8, salvation is already given to us as a free gift for all who choose to receive it. What we are talking about here is an issue of fruitfulness and being obedient to the unique call God has placed in each of our lives.





What is a practical way you can guard your heart and help your mind stay focused on God on a day to day basis?


How can you create margin in your life to follow the unique calling God has placed in your life?



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Thanks so much for joining me in the journey and walking with me a while. I pray God’s blessings on your life and the next steps he is calling you to take.


With love, your sister in Christ,


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