Baby Nursery Tour and 3 DIY projects you’ll LOVE to add that personal touch

Well my third baby is due to arrive very soon and I am super excited! The room is all set up ready to go and I just can’t wait to hold my precious son or daughter in my arms. We don’t know the gender yet but what I DO know is this pretty nursery is not going to stay all lovely and beautiful like this very long once we bring bub home and the reality of life with three kids sets in….. so I thought I had better take some photos to share on the Blog here with you before sleepless nights and dirty nappies take over! I also want to show you the three simple decorating projects I made to add a bit of personality to the room.


Gender Neutral Baby Nursery reveal with three special DIY things to make


When my first child was born we invested in a “Gender Neutral” baby nursery set up. This was such a great decision as I have been able to use the cot linen and furniture for all three children (very budget friendly!) and I just added a pink or blue teddy etc that are easy to change out depending if a boy or girl was sleeping here.


The room has a peaceful feel about it with green and brown colours (and currently some splashes of pink because my daughter used this room last). There is also cute bunny rabbits and a fun wall decal with a branch of birds singing “Do, re, mi, so, fa, la, ti…..QUACK!” I think it’s super cute and appeals to my sense of humour (and childhood love of “The Sound Of Music”!).


While anticipating the arrival of each precious baby, I have made something special to put in the room. This is mostly because I love making things. But I think it is really nice to add that personal touch, and it wasn’t too hard to do.


So here are the three things I made for the baby room…


Baby Nursery DIY Decor. Have guests at your Baby Shower each paint a picture on a mini canvas (using the colours in your nursery) then glue them on a large canvas to display in the Nursery.


When My Little Scientist was due to arrive I put together this canvas for his room. It is special because lots of family and friends contributed to the final piece. At my Baby Shower we provided the guests with a little mini canvas each that I bought at a craft store. We put out paint only in shades of green and brown (to match the linen set I had already chosen) and asked everyone to paint a picture or pattern on their little canvas. Later I simply arranged my favourites on a larger canvas for the room and glued them in place.


I kept one mini canvas spare and used it to make a hand print once bub was born and I added this to the canvas too.


Baby Nursery decor DIY. Pretty baby mobile with owl, butterfly, dragonfly and birds.


When My Little China Doll was due to be born my husband and I decided to have a “gender reveal party” so we knew we were having a girl. I also knew I wanted to make a mobile to hang above the change table as I didn’t have one yet. Even though it does have pink on it currently, I think I will be able to change it to a blue version if I have a boy.


I bought two metal rings from a craft store and wrapped some brown ribbon around them. Next, I hung some string and attached paper leaf shapes and pink silk flowers. Some sparkly heavy beads at the ends added a bit of weight (and bling for baby to enjoy looking at while I change them!).


The mobile needed something more. It was Christmas time, and I found Christmas decorations worked a treat! (though you couldn’t tell that’s what that are). I bought a cute brown owl and a sparkly green dragonfly and then I made a pink butterfly to finish it off with some of the pink floral scrap booking paper I had used for the birds. (I read somewhere that things in collections of odd numbers work well when decorating so that’s what I did).


Baby Nursery Decor DIY. Take a photo of the nursery linen to make some pictures to frame that match perfectly in the room.


Finally, this time round when I set up the nursery I added a few frames with pictures in them to match the linen. To do this I simply took a good photo of the bunny on the cushion and then edited them in Photoshop. For the largest frame I chose to include this cute prayer for our precious one. I created this easily using Pic Monkey (a free photo editing and image creating program online that you should definitely check out).


In addition to these personal DIY touches there are a few other items in the room I’d like to make special mention of.


Following on with the “Sound of music” theme inspired by the wall sticker ….. let me share with you just a “few of my favourite things” we bought for this room.


These are a few of my favourite things. Baby Nursery wall Decal. do re mi fa so la ti.... quack!

  1. Baby Nursery cot from Boori with custom made valance and Kids Line "Bunny Meadow" linenThe wall sticker we bought from What Is Blik. They have super cool wall stickers. Unfortunately though it looks like they no longer make the one we bought….. HOWEVER, if you like the picture, you CAN buy it on a t-shirt from Threadless. 🙂
  2. Baby Nursery Tall Boy from BooriThe cot and tall boy is a matching set from ‘Boori’. They have a lovely range of nursery furniture in various wood stains or in white. We chose the “Alice Cot Bed” by Boori. It has 3 different ‘settings’ (high for a newborn, low for an older baby and then the sides can be taken off once the child is old enough to convert it into a toddler bed) which is very handy.  NOTE: I had a Valance made for the cot that is long enough to hide the boxes stored underneath even when the cot is set on the high ‘newborn’ setting.
  3. Kids Line "Bunny Meadow" linen for Gender Neutral Baby Nursery.The linen set was called “Bunny Meadow” by Kids Line. Unfortunately they no longer sell this particular one but they have plenty of other gorgeous sets. You will find this brand in most baby shops.
  4. Baby change table, Valco Pax Plus brown crinkle change. folds away for easy storage for future babies. Also has nice high sides so baby can't fall off.The change table is called the “Pax Plus Change table” from Valco baby and we have the crinkle dark brown version.It also comes in black, or either graphite or ivory leather. I especially like this change table because it has nice high sides so baby can’t easily roll off and it folds away flat when you no longer need it (which is great if you want to use it for another baby one day).
  5. Baby Nursery feeding chair. Green and brown (gender neutral)The feeding chair is the “Poang” chair from Ikea. It’s a good height and the arm rests, I found, are at a comfortable level for feeding. It can also bounce slightly to help put bub to sleep.
  6. Boomerang pillow. It might seem silly….. but I LOVE this pillow. I used it through out all my pregnancies on my bed and then once the baby is born I use it as a feeding pillow. I bought a pillow case that matches the room for it from ebay a few years ago


Gender Neutral Baby Nursery. green and brown, bunny meadow. With three DIY decorations you can make yourself.


If you are currently looking for ideas to decorate a Baby Nursery, you may also like to check out (and follow) my Pinterest Board. It has heaps of lovely things you can either buy or make to create a beautiful cosy space for your little bundle of joy. Including links to some great, free printables, you could easily print and frame for the wall.


This kids bedroom tour now completes the set of three bedrooms I have done up for each of my children. If you havn’t already seen them, you may like to check out My Little Scientists boys bedroom and My Little China Dolls girls bedroom too. I made a few special DIY things for their rooms too!


*** Blog Post update: We are so pleased to announce that our precious little baby arrived safely into the world in November 2016, we had a beautiful baby girl!


Pretty Girls Bedroom. Shabby Chic and vintage inspired pieces. with 3D butterflies and some DIY projects.

Boys Bedroom reveal. Vintage, Industrial, lego displays



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What’s your favourite colours for a Gender Neutral Baby room?



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6 thoughts on “Baby Nursery Tour and 3 DIY projects you’ll LOVE to add that personal touch

  1. I really like the idea of gender neutral nurseries. Those wall stickers are super cute. I thought we went overboard with stickers for the twins’ room but in the end, it’s all worked out nicely! Congrats on your impending new arrival! x

    • Thanks Grace, I am a big fan of wall stickers. We have a few in our house around the place :)….. It must be hard to fit everything in a room to cater for twins!

  2. You’ve created such a lovely nursery Claire although I don’t think I could hold out “not knowing”! 🙂
    Congrats – you are our Friend of the Week at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! #248
    I hope you have an amazing week!
    It was a joy to explore your blog and get to know you a little better.
    I hope you’ll become a regular at our party and keep us posted on your new one’s arrival! 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you! Well, I didn’t manage to hold out finding out the gender with the other two. This time round though, now that I have a boy and a girl it is much easier. I am determined for a surprise. My husband still wanted to know though and he has been ‘looking after the envelope’… I am still not sure if he has looked yet! He wanted to, but I hope he’ll join me in having the surprise too. I havn’t asked 😉

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