Baby Love

I have been wanting to introduce the latest addition to our family here on my blog for a while now and here it is finally in all it’s simple newborn baby cuteness!




I can’t believe my precious daughter will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! I have been sorting through some very sweet photos that we have taken of her recently.


To my precious baby girl,
here are 8 things I love about you…
(but there are many more)



The smiles you do in your sleep.



Your fluffy hair as soft as a feather.



When you fall asleep in my arms.



The way you hold my finger tight.



Ten tiny little perfect toes. So soft to touch.



Kisses on our cheeks when you are hungry.



Your deep blue eyes (that are more cross-eyed than not at the moment!).



The fact that you are here. It’s been quite a journey (which you can read more about here and here) and I am so glad to be holding you in my arms now.


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What do you love about your children? 


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