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Hi, and welcome to my Blog, I am so glad you dropped by! Come and ‘walk with me a while’ as I share my ups and downs and things I have learnt along the way.


Stumbling through life with creativity, love and faith.”


My name is Clare and I am 35yrs old. I started this Blog in 2015 as a way to share some of my life journey (like this post about marriage and getting through the tough times) and favourite DIY projects (like these three cool DIY room decorations to make using free paint sample cards) with you.


Currently, I enjoy living in Brisbane (Australia) with my family. My Husband (Techman) and I have been married 12 years now and we are blessed with three beautiful children: My Little Scientist (7yrs old), My Little China Doll (3 yrs old) and our third Little Baby Girl who was born in November 2016. You can read more about them here.


In step with my little family. Socks handing on the line. Daddy, mummy, boy, girl.


My hope is that “My Life in Step” is an inspiring and cosy space where you are encouraged and empowered to ‘take the next step’ forward in some area of your own life… whatever it might be.


I am a list girl, in my home you will often find I have several lists lying around on scrappy bits of paper. I am also a very practical and thrifty. I love to buy or make things that work well for me and my home. I will search EVERY store to find exactly what I want at the best price and I am not afraid of power tools to make what I want if I can’t find it!


On this blog you will see these two things reflected throughout many of the posts with step by step instructions, lists of ideas and links to things I have genuinely found useful (no affiliate links here!).


I just love order and sequence and the sharing of ideas to help each other move forward. You won’t find me rambling on ‘just because’ here. I just don’t have the time nor see the point! But I do like the thought that someone else might be able to learn from my mistakes and do a better job than I did.


If this sounds like something that resonates with you, I’d love to get to know you! You can drop me an email or say hi in the comments below. If you have a Blog too, I’d love to check it out. It is so wonderful to meet like-minded people!


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All about me, Clare, and my life in step.


My life in step with my husband

Marriage hasn’t been an easy road for me, but certainly a rewarding one. Here you can read about some of the challenges we have faced the past few years, and how we overcame some of the detours sent our way.


My life in step with my children

Here you can read about lessons I have learnt from my kids like the time my son was teased, or ways I am trying to be deliberate in my parenting. Also there are some things I have made for them like these Toddler friendly Christmas tree decorations.


My life in step with my creativity

You’ll find plenty of step-by-step DIY or up-cycled projects for the home here. I just LOVE making things! Like these tissue box covers for my kids rooms, or this inspirational canvas I have hanging up in my bedroom. Don’t forget to check out my daughter’s pretty Shabby Chic girls room that I did up recently and my son’s Industrial boys bedroom too.


My life in step with my heavenly father

I am a Christian and having a faith in God is a large part of who I am. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have this hope and faith. Knowing God is very real to me and He has helped me through many challenges in life that I hope to write about such as infertility and my struggle with Infertility. Often I feel like I fail in so many ways but God is calling me forward to keep pressing on and to share my story gradually when opportunity comes.


My life in step with who I am

This is the space where I share some of my personal reflections like remembering loved ones who have passed away, how I am organising my life and trying to take care of myself. You might enjoy this post I wrote on “My top tips for mums to get fit and have fun at the same time!”. As a mum with young children (and being on a tight budget), exercising is often put aside in the ‘Too hard basket” but I have found a way to make it work for everyone.


In step with who I am. Me sitting on a ledge holding a flower.


Here are ten things you might like to know about me:


  1. Yummy Desserts are my weakness
  2. I love adventure and trying new things and places
  3. I am a Chronic List writer
  4. I am a big kid at heart
  5. I am an early childhood teacher
  6. I am stubborn
  7. Though I am brunette, I have been known to have many Blonde moments
  8. I can’t spell
  9. I was born on a tropical island in Papua New Guinea
  10. I am Australian


If you have read this far, well done! And thank you! Now it’s your turn… I’d really love you to say hi so please don’t be shy! Send me an email or leave a comment.


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