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Come and walk with me a while as I share my ups and downs in life and things I have learnt along the way.


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I started this blog in 2015 as a way to share some of my life journey like this post about marriage and getting through the tough times. Here you will find encouragement for you as a wife and a parent and follower of Christ as I reflect on my Christian faith journey and how it impacts me in my day to day life.


My hope is that “My Life in Step” is an inspiring and cosy space where you are encouraged and empowered to take the next step forward in your faith… whatever that might look like. I also want you to know that you are not alone in the journey and I hope you will feel built up in your faith as I share what God has done (and is still doing) in my own life.


Stumbling through life with creativity, love and faith.”


I am in my late thirties and enjoy living in Brisbane (Australia) with my family. My Husband (AKA: blogging Tech support) and I have been married fifteen years now and we are blessed with three beautiful children: a boy aged nine and two girls currently aged five and two yrs old.


Here are ten things you might like to know about me:


  1. I am a big kid at heart
  2. Yummy Desserts are my weakness
  3. I love adventure and trying new things and places
  4. I am a Chronic List writer
  5. I used to be an early childhood teacher
  6. I am stubborn
  7. Though I am brunette, I have been known to have many ‘Blonde moments’
  8. I first became a Christian when I was eight years old
  9. I was born on a tropical island in Papua New Guinea
  10. I love decorating kids bedrooms


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Thanks so much for walking with me a while.


I pray God’s blessings on your life and the next steps he is calling you to take.


With Love, your sister in Christ, Clare


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