8 easy DIY Tissue Box Covers: Jazz up the rooms in your home!

I don’t know about you, but our family seems to use tissues ALL the time. We use them not just for noses but for spills and bumps and all sorts of things. This is why we have ended up with a tissue box in just about every room in the house.


Though you can buy many pretty patterned tissue boxes these days, it is nice to have something that lasts a bit longer and permanently matches in with the room.


8 easy DIY tissue box covers you can make to Jazz up the rooms in your home


This year, since I have been decorating my kids bedrooms, it bothered me that the tissue boxes never matched. Making a special cover for the tissue boxes for my kids that matched in with everything else nicely in their room really was easy and made a huge difference. Now I am on a mission to make a unique one for every room in the house!


An added benefit is now I can buy the cheap tissues and not need to be concerned with the pattern that is on it! (has anyone else spent ages in the tissue isle deliberating on which pattern box you like best? Or is it just me??)


Easy sew DIY red fabric tissue box cover


A few years ago I sewed this simple fabric cover for our tissue box in our main living area. I just used some plain red fabric I had at home and a fancy stitch on my sewing machine for the edging to add a bit of interest. It is simple yet it makes such a difference in the room and I have really liked having it.


I could have added buttons etc to it but I decided to keep it pretty simple. I just used some sticky velcro dots to hold the cover in place.


To make your own Fabric Tissue box, you can follow this tutorial.


Because I have appreciated this simple craft project so much, I knew I wanted to make one for each of my kids bedrooms too.


Craft store plain tissue box cover ready to decorate


To make the cover’s for the boxes in my children’s bedrooms I bought these cardboard ones from the local craft store for a few dollars. They are all ready to paint or decorate however you like. Easy.


DIY Industrial Tissue box cover with metal look and "Bless You" stenciled on the front


For my son’s room, I wanted his box to look like it was made of old metal so that it tied in with the industrial vintage look I was trying to achieve. Looking on Pinterest, I found this great paint tutorial to achieve the paint effect I was looking for.


I also really wanted to put some industrial lettering or numbers of some kind on the box and I loved this idea I found to put the words “Bless you” on the front. Such a cute idea I thought… to wish my son a blessing every time he reaches for a tissue in his room! I just used a lettering stencil for this along with some silver paint, then outlined each letter with a very thin black sharpie once it was dry just to accentuate the word (and cover up my smudges!).


With a few metal nuts added in each corner of the box (attached using a hot glue gun) and some metal brackets I found lying around at home for handles on the sides, I think the end result was pretty effective.


Pretty DIY Shabby Chic Tissue Box cover. Pink and white. Using Lace, ribbon and pearls


For my daughter’s room, I wanted a box that would tie in with the vintage shabby chic look that I am putting together in her room. I found a gorgeous hand-made pink and white doily in a local antique shop for just $2. Then, using some fabric and ribbon left over from the jewellery board I have already made for this room plus some pearls and a few other bits and bobs I found in my craft cupboard, this dainty little box was put together in no time at all. Again, I just used a hot glue gun to keep everything in place.


I would like to eventually make a few more tissue box covers for our house. Maybe for the kitchen and the bathroom and our room.


Here are a few ideas I found online that I liked.


DIY Mosaic Tissue box cover

Mosaic Tiles Tissue Box Cover


DIY Decoupage Tissue Box Cover

Decoupage Tissue Box Cover


Colourful DIY Crochet Tissue Box Cover

Crochet Tissue Box Cover


DIY Lego tissue box cover

Lego Tissue Box Cover


DIY Twine tissue box

Twine Tissue Box Cover


For more Tissue Box inspiration you can, check out (and follow) my Tissue Box Covers Pinterest Board.

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8 easy DIY Tissue Box covers to decorate the rooms in your home.


Have you made any covers for your tissue boxes? If so, I’d love to see them!
What other simple decorating details have you found can make a big effect in a room?


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